Time To Drink More Gin In New Zealand

2016-06-08 18.26.14Since starting an Instagram account in the last month I have been sampling more gin. Just for the photos, and flavours of course. I have found this a fun way to share the journey and discovery of gin with others.

Check me out at http://instagram.com/ginzealand

I want to blog more but find at the end of the day I just want to have a gin, and don’t want to spend too much time thinking or writing about it, and just enjoy the aromas and flavour.

This blog will have bursts of activity at times and there will be alot of new content all of a sudden. Then other times not so much for some time. Best you stay connect firstly by Instagram and secondly on Facebook on the page Gin Lovers New Zealand

An example of the flurry of content in a short amount of time a while ago can be seen at http://www.luke.co.nz/gin/

I wrote this not long ago “Gin is the new IPA” it is a collection of start thoughts and blog posts over a few years.

Trinidad and Tobago calls champion New Zealand cocktail maker

On February 2 the Englishman is jetting to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island country off the coast of Venezuela.

There he will compete in the Angostura Global Cocktail, competing alongside some of the best bartenders in the world for US$10,000.

Born and raised in London, Attfield now lives in Eden Terrace. He arrived in Auckland just three months ago after his visa ran out while living in Melbourne.

Attfield says he never intended to be a competition bartender – he entered on a whim after being encouraged by a friend.

“I thought while I’m here I may as well do it so I just knocked up a couple of drinks and it happened to go pretty well.”

Attfield is already a part-owner of the Gin Room, a prestigious establishment on Vulcan Lane.

Career bartending was a natural calling for him after sitting in an office for two years drove him to boredom.

“I think it’s the constant interaction and getting to meet new people every day,” Attfield says.

Working in a dynamic industry also keep things exciting, he says.

“There are always new products, there’s always stuff you can learn and new techniques. It’s an industry that’s always advancing and there’s always something for you to latch on to.”

Since arriving in Auckland he’s found plenty of opportunity as there’s still a few holes in the New Zealand market, he says.


Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition – DUTY FREE FAIL

2015-08-03 18.36.17 Back in May when coming back through duty free at Auckland International Airport I came across a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition.

At the time Star of Bombay had just been released and it looked very much like this bottle I ended up purchasing.

I asked the guy at the duty free store if this was Star of Bombay and he said yes. I was excited. The bottle was priced at $165 (and that was the duty free price, WOW!) I was thinking this must be really good as this was outrageously expensive. A little tired after my time away and just getting off a late night flight, I fell for the up sell, from the guy that knew I was never going to see him again.

Once home I tried it and wasn’t that impress when considering how much I paid for this.

It gets even more disappointing. On opening the very expensive Bombay Sapphire, the plastic cork detached from the beautiful stopper. Massive sad face. 2015-05-17 12.07.39

I’m thinking that someone was taking the piss on the price. At $65.00 a bottle it would have been fair value for something special from Bombay Sapphire. I can’t see where the extra $100 premium a bottle comes in.

Should I be unhappy with Bombay Sapphire? the duty free sales guy? the duty free store? or me for being naive at buying an overprice gin?

Fords Gin in New Zealand

2015-08-03 18.38.12I picked up a bottle of Fords Gin at Brisbane Duty Free in Australia when I was leaving on Saturday. Today I had a bit of a tasting. Found that Fords has more of an oily resiny juniper character than the likes of Gordon’s and Beefeater. When I tasted it beside Tanqueray 10 and Tanqueray Export Strength, it didn’t have either the citrus or juniper, but it was more spicy, or sharp in the alcohol. This was interesting and was unsure why.

Next was a G&T with Fords Gin and Fever Tree Tonic. There was still a sharpness from the alcohol. Even when adding lime. Then the next G&T with Fords Gin and Schweppes. BOOM. Fords Gin with Schweppes Tonic was the winner. The extra sweetness balance out the sharpness of the alcohol and made it a magical drink.

This brings me back to the thought of does Tanqueray have sugar or glycerol to add mouth feel to balance the burn of alcohol??

So much to learn. Very interesting to get the right tonic to balance your gin.

FUTURE: Fords Gin works best with Schweppes Tonic.

Junipalooza 2015

Check out this awesome Gin event in London. I’d love to visit this next year.  But how could you try 24 Gins in a day? ;-)) Guess you would have to visit both days of the weekend.

Thank you for everyone who came to Junipalooza 2015 at the Vinyl Factory in Soho. Hosted by Gin Foundry, the biggest online free resource on gin globally, we are extremely proud to have had 24 gin distilleries from 7 countries attend the weekend and for you to meet the makers behind your favourite spirits. A true celebration of Gin and the biggest gathering of gin distillers, owners and ambassadors, we are extremely excited to announce that Junipalooza 2016 is already set for next year!

Make sure you tune in http://www.ginfoundry.com for news about next year’s Junipalooza and much much more.

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