Best Gin Bars In New Zealand 2016

2016-08-16 18.08.30Even though I have been mostly focused on acquiring different bottles of GIN this year, and doing my own tastings and self education, I have made it out to a few bars.

I have found that GIN is growing in popularity in New Zealand and several bars have made and effort to either grow their selection of GIN or even make the spirit selection or bar a focus on GIN.

Here is a list of GIN bars I have enjoyed so far this year. If you know of others please do share as I would love to check them out.



The Gin Room – 1st Floor, 12 Vulcan Lane, CBD. Over 80 GINs, and a good selection of different tonics.

The Cork Gin & Whiskey – 65A Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby connected to the back of Grand Central. Pretty good GIN selection, really good Whiskey selection.

My Bar – 12 Durham St E, Auckland, CBD. Not the the largest selection, but some interesting GIN and Asa is passionate about GIN.

Mea Culpa – 3/175 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby. I haven’t been for a while, but they had a pretty decent selection GIN last time I was there.

Soul Bar – 16-18 Corner of Lower Hobson Street and Customs Street West, Viaduct Basin, CBD. Pretty limited selection, but make some of the best Martini’s and Negroni’s I’ve had in New Zealand.


Hawthorn Lounge – 82 Tory St, Te Aro. cocktail lounge, that has a GIN named after it. Lighthouse Hawthorn Edition (Navy Strength GIN). Great cocktails, decent selection of GIN.

Capitol – 10 Kent Terrace, Mt Victoria. had a fantastic Negroni here recently, before dinner.


Whet Bar – 151 Cambridge Terrace, CBD. A selection of some of the harder to find GINs in New Zealand. Very cool to try GIN you never see in New Zealand.

I’d love to find more places focusing on GIN in New Zealand, so I can share a list with people that love GIN.

3 thoughts on “Best Gin Bars In New Zealand 2016

  1. Nomad Bar and Restaurant in Tauranga on the Strand behind the Phoenix. Have more than 40 gins behind the bar and a page of Gin and Tonics on teh drinks menu


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