Tasting Navy Strength Gin In New Zealand

2016-08-29 12.41.58

This week we did a tasting of the Navy Strength Gins we have. Since they are very strong I would suggest we try this again in a month or so, and possibly do it blind to see if we can replicate these results.

The standout was Perry’s Tot, with its bold and punchy character. The surprise because of preconceived bias was The West Winds The Cutlass. It has been a favourite gin for a long time now, but this new bottle from I guess a new batch comes across very sweet, and has a jammy character. It has seemingly lost its bright and engaging juniper character.

  1. Perrys Tot – punchy juniper
  2. Plymouth – clean well balanced, great for a martini
  3. Four Pillars – with that fun Australian botanical twist
  4. Broadside – salty, but sweet
  5. The Cutlass – new batch is jammy and sweet, old batch could have been 2nd
  6. Pickerings – good
  7. Rogue Society Goldi Locks – good

Lighthouse Hawthorn – soapy, not in a good way
Old Raj – lacked character, underwhelming
Sipsmith VJOP – once a favourite, but juniper just doesn’t deliver, and has a grainy husky spirit note


Time To Drink More Gin In New Zealand

2016-06-08 18.26.14Since starting an Instagram account in the last month I have been sampling more gin. Just for the photos, and flavours of course. I have found this a fun way to share the journey and discovery of gin with others.

Check me out at http://instagram.com/ginzealand

I want to blog more but find at the end of the day I just want to have a gin, and don’t want to spend too much time thinking or writing about it, and just enjoy the aromas and flavour.

This blog will have bursts of activity at times and there will be alot of new content all of a sudden. Then other times not so much for some time. Best you stay connect firstly by Instagram and secondly on Facebook on the page Gin Lovers New Zealand

An example of the flurry of content in a short amount of time a while ago can be seen at http://www.luke.co.nz/gin/

I wrote this not long ago “Gin is the new IPA” it is a collection of start thoughts and blog posts over a few years.

Rogue Society in the news

Gin is the hippest tipple right now


“…artisan gin distilleries began popping up in the past five years. The trend caught the eye of liquor marketers Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin, who, thoughtfully, noticed the need here for new gins.

In the three years the pair spent talking to distillers and gin gurus in the UK, Australia, even the United States, they became fascinated by the old-school history of the spirit and the modern takes on the classic. It helped that they describe themselves a fanatical gin drinkers. And last month they finally launched their Rogue Society gin to high end bars around the country.

Gold was struck when they found a master distiller in Christchurch who had been distilling for over 30 years in a beautiful 300 year-old copper John Dore still from an original London gin palace.”

By Catherine Smith 

Fledgling gin company in high spirits

100314 Peter Meecham Fairfax Media Auckland based entrepreneurs From left; Richard Bourke, Daniel McLaughlin and Mark Neal have started the the Rogue Society Gin brand
100314 Peter Meecham Fairfax Media
Auckland based entrepreneurs From left; Richard Bourke, Daniel McLaughlin and Mark Neal have started the the Rogue Society Gin brand

“Rogue Society founders Daniel Mclaughlin, Mark Neal and Richard Bourke have been working on developing their drink and the bottle for the past three years and believe they have finally got it right.

The gin was sold in a bar for the first time last month and is now available in about 20 bars in Auckland. Mclaughlin says Wellington is next, followed by Christchurch, Queenstown and eventually liquor retailers. Bottles retail at about $80.”

By LAURA WALTERS 15/03/2014

The story behind Rogue Society Gin: 300 years of history combined with modern Kiwi ingenuity


“The bottle design is based on a 300-year-old Geneva bottle,” says Mclaughlin when describing how they sourced various antique bottles on Trade Me and eBay before settling on a design that they found suitable.”

  • May 27, 2014 by Damien Venuto