Tasting Navy Strength Gin In New Zealand

2016-08-29 12.41.58

This week we did a tasting of the Navy Strength Gins we have. Since they are very strong I would suggest we try this again in a month or so, and possibly do it blind to see if we can replicate these results.

The standout was Perry’s Tot, with its bold and punchy character. The surprise because of preconceived bias was The West Winds The Cutlass. It has been a favourite gin for a long time now, but this new bottle from I guess a new batch comes across very sweet, and has a jammy character. It has seemingly lost its bright and engaging juniper character.

  1. Perrys Tot – punchy juniper
  2. Plymouth – clean well balanced, great for a martini
  3. Four Pillars – with that fun Australian botanical twist
  4. Broadside – salty, but sweet
  5. The Cutlass – new batch is jammy and sweet, old batch could have been 2nd
  6. Pickerings – good
  7. Rogue Society Goldi Locks – good

Lighthouse Hawthorn – soapy, not in a good way
Old Raj –¬†lacked character, underwhelming
Sipsmith VJOP –¬†once a favourite, but juniper just doesn’t deliver, and has a grainy husky spirit note